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This product is made from the Konjac Glucomannan plant - a plant grown in China and Japan for thousands of years. The content of water-soluble fiber and very low calorific value make it an excellent alternative for people who care about health and figure and follow the keto diet.

100% VEGAN

It is the most sought after option as the major ingredient for pasta dishes for those who follow a keto diet as it contains less than 0.2g of carbohydrates per 100g serving.

Ecologico CertificadoSin GlutenVeganKetoRico En FibraSin Azucar AnadidoLow Carb


Glucomannan gives a feeling of satiety therefore reducing our appetite. When the glucomannan fibers come in contact with gastric juices, they expand, making our stomach feel full. This way you feel less hungry and losing weight becomes much easier as your consumption of food decreases which is another healthy symptom when eating high amounts of healthy fats on the keto diet.

The properties of glucomannan

Apart from providing the feeling of fullness, it reduces the appetite and only has 6 cal per 100 grams. It also helps regulate the level of blood cholesterol.


Purified water, organic flour from Konjac plant


1. Rinse under warm water

2. Steam or fry 2-3 minutes

3. Add directly to your dish

Nutritional values

Energy value 30 kJ / 7 kcal
Fat <0.1g
Saturated Fat <0.1g
Carbohydrates <0.2g
of which sugars <0.1g
Fibre 2.6g
Protein <0.1g
Salt <0.1g



About Diet Food

Diet Food was formed almost 30 years ago by two agriculture scholars who had a dream to create a business based on the love of their life. To produce the products that nature so beautifully creates. The children of the founders have since stepped in and transformed the business by offering an entire new range of food products that are not only organic, tasty and healthy but are in line with the current market demands and trends especially for those who follow the keto and paleo diets and lifestyles.

The total assortment includes more than 240 products and the number continues to grow. Starting from a very wide range of superfood products, to low carb pastas, coconut products and more Diet Food source their raw materials from organic plantations in Europe, South America and Asia.

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